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As some of our users have noticed, whenever one of our plugins is in use, JIRA returns the warning: “Dangerous use of multiple connections

2017-XX-XX 15:15:151,260 SP-bigpicture-StructureSync WARN SP XXXXXXXXXXXXXX /rest/softwareplant-bigpicture/1.0/safe/roadmap/program/5/data/unassigned 
[c.a.jira.ofbiz.ConnectionPoolHealthSqlInterceptor] Dangerous use of multiple connections: replaced => count=1; marks=[0-3]; pool=3/20

This is caused by the natural behaviour of our plugin as it needs to establish an independent connection to a database outside of JIRA’s connection.

By the default the warning is generated whenever more than one connection to a database is open. As JIRA already establishes one connection, this message will pop-out every time an additional plugin will establish a link on its own. Some plugins do rely on JIRA’s connection, therefore a log would not include such information. In case of BigPicture's or BigGantt's functionality an additional connection is required.

As per some JIRA articles (listed below) some add-ons may use unlimited dB connections when allowed. Our plugins do not, so there’s no need to worry. BigPicture and BigGantt are required to establish connections outside of JIRA’s default one but they would certainly not abuse your environment, since they are preset to establish one additional link with the upper limit of two (which is very unlikely to happen at all).

If you would like to learn more about the major cause of these warnings, what is their main purpose and how relevant they are when it comes to different plugins, please refer to the set of articles linked below:

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