If you are seeing the following message whilst trying to access either BigGantt or BigPicture for Jira Cloud, steps given below need to be done on your end in order to retrieve an access to the plugin.

Steps to-do:

  1. Go to Settings –> System –> Global permissions
  2. Scroll down to 'Grant Permission' section wherein you need to select 'atlassian-addons-admin' Group.

  3. Steps:
    1. From the "Grant" drop-down select - Browse users and groups.
    2. From the "Group" drop-down select - atlassian-addons-admin.
    3. Click "Add" button below.  
    Repeat for Share dashboards and filters.

    You can see that the permissions above have been updated. 

  4. If the "BigGantt/BigPicture needs access!" message still appears, reinstall the plugin (go to Apps drop-down at the top > Manage your apps).

    If by any chance the problem still occurs on your end do not hesitate to contact our support team via the Service Desk.